Beirut Duty Free

Beirut Duty Free wanted to create a campaign that would counter the fact that leaving Lebanon is often emotional – and doesn’t create the perfect mood for people to purchase anything from the Duty Free.

The solution was to create one more great memory of Lebanon for travelers to take back with them – by extending the vibrancy of Lebanon in the Duty Free

The Results:

–       On the Day of the Event: 100 of Travelers took part in the dance

–       Viral: Within 48 hours amateur footage had received more than 200,000 view on YouTube

Official Film: Create a viral sensation whereas BDF was the most discussed brand in the Middle East  (Twitter – Facebook – YouTube – Local TV Station – World Press – Inflight)

End of The Campaign: Over 4 Million views

Sales: Increase in 10% (when tourism was down 8%)

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